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Civilization IV for Mac coming early 2006

Posted by Lab Rat

Aspyr announced today that they will be publishing the latest version of the massively addictive turn-based strategy game, Civilization IV for the Mac, due out in early 2006. Also announced is the planned release of Civilization III: Complete for Mac, with a target date of December 2005.

(above: Civilization IV)

Civilization III: Complete combines the original Civilization III and adds both the “Conquests� and “Play the World� expansion packs. The “Conquests� pack adds more of everything you love about Civilization III, including 7 new civilizations, more types of units and unit abilities, more wonders and scenarios, and AI improvements. The “Play the World� expansion pack adds 8 new civilizations, but more importantly, will allow Mac users to finally play online against other Civilization addicts (although, they will mainly be playing fellow Civ III Mac users, as most PC gamers will already be firmly entrenched in Civilization IV, released for the PC earlier this month.)

Mac users have been forced to grow accustomed to the inevitable delay in porting hot-selling PC titles to the Mac. In most cases, Mac publishers must wait for the final version of a PC game to be completed before they can get their hands on the source code to begin their port. Civilization IV hit the streets for PC users a couple weeks ago in a special limited Presale Edition, still available on Amazon..

(above: Civilization IV’s new 3D map view)

It has not been confirmed as to whether or not Civ IV for Mac will have identical features to the PC version, but the list of improvements to the PC version should give Mac gamers something to look forward to. New to Civilization IV is a brand new and beautifully rendered 3 D environment with new unit animations and customizable armies. Wonder movies are back. A new Team Play mode allows users to set alliances and share wonders, either online or in single player mode. There is online play out of the box, and extensive modability, including a powerful Map Editor. And of course there are a bunch of exciting new civilizations and units to be discovered as well. Full information on the updated feature set can be found on the official Civilization 4 website.

2 Responses to “Civilization IV for Mac coming early 2006”
  1. I am so stoked.
    Waiting for the Mac ports of Civilization games is the hardest thing I have to deal with as a Mac user. I have actualy contemplated buying a cheap $600 PC just to play these games as soon as they are relased.
    I can’t wait to lose multiple years of my life locked away playing this.

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  1. […] Apple today posted the trailer for the upcoming Mac port of Sid Meier’s Civilization IV to their website. Available as both a standard QuickTime and a downloadable iPod version, the beautiful 1-minute 17-second trailer continues to unnecessarily build anticipation for the fourth official installment of the mammoth empire-building simulation franchise. Mac users have been chomping at the bit since last October when Aspyr announced we would see a Mac port in early 2007. Aspyr’s website still lists June 2006 as the estimated release date, so it should be any day now. We will definitely have our take on the game as soon as Aspyr ships the title. Stay Tuned. […]

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