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Out with the old… Apple discontinues eMacs and U2 iPods

Posted by Helper Monkey

Apple’s announcements of its revised iMacs and new video iPods grabbed most of the media’s attention today, and rightly so. However, some visitors to Apple’s website have alerted us that it appears Apple has discontinued 2 of its lesser-selling products, the eMac, and the U2 iPod special edition.

The loss of the U2 iPod should shock no one, since its only distinguishing feature (its black color) has lost its uniqueness with the introduction of the video iPod. However, the loss of the eMac is a little more surprising. We have been told by Apple in the past that many educators have insisted on having a sturdy CRT-based computer in the classroom, one that could take more punishment from grubby little finger than a delicate LCD-based system could handle. In truth, the reports of the eMac’s demise may have been a tad premature, as it does indeed continue to live on in the Apple store for education, but its being pulled from the consumer site can most assuredly mean it is not long for this world.

3 Responses to “Out with the old… Apple discontinues eMacs and U2 iPods”
  1. Get An Ax says:

    U2 was a poor choice for Apple to base an iPod around anyway.

  2. aurélien says:

    Indeed, Madonna is a wider and wiser choice to base an iPod on.

  3. The_Larch says:

    Why not someone more relevant like Gladys Knight and the Pips?

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