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Remote-Controlled Humans (with video)

Posted by Lab Rat

Researchers at the Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Communication Science Laboratories have invented a “galvanic vestibular stimulation” (GVS) device that is seemingly able to remotely control human beings.

How does it work? Well, apparently by applying a weak electrical current into the mastoid behind each ear, researchers are able to throw off a subject’s sense of balance enough that he/she will lean in that direction. If you provide enough current, the subject will actually move in the desired direction. There is a video here that shows a woman being controlled remotely. Pretty funny.

Now, for the time being, don’t worry that someone is going to be sneaking up behind you with a remote control and get you to drop your pants at church. The technology seems to be quite primitive and require the subject to wear quite a bit of equipment. Still, looking forward we would expect sales of remote controlled women will likely outsell Honda’s Asimo robot by a wide margin.

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