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Website raising money to destroy an iPod on film

Posted by Lab Rat

A Canadian website is currently accepting Paypal donations which the site claims will allow them to purchase a 20 GB iPod, and then destroy it right there in the Yorkdale Apple Store. The site claims they will film the destruction for all iPod haters to revel in. The name of the site is, appropriately enough,

Form the site: “This website is dedicated to people who hate the “iPod Revolution”. We are raising money to buy an iPod, so we could go down to a store, buy it, and smash it right there on the spot in front of all the people.

No details are given as to how they intend to smash the iPod. As of this posting, the site has claimed to have raised $192, nearly half their $400 (Canadian) goal in just 5 days of operation. is brought to us by the same people who brought us the sites “ (which has raised $10 out of $430 needed), (which has raised $7 out of $400 needed), and (which has raised $9 out of $350 needed).

While we are all for freedom of expression and “art”, the site’s use of a backwards Nazi symbol in their logo is a little off-putting, even if it technically means “peace” when viewed backwards, as the site claims.

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19 Responses to “Website raising money to destroy an iPod on film”
  1. Your mom says:

    Wow. If they actually “film” it, that is going to cost more than the iPod!

    I bet they mean “video tape” the destruction, probably with their dad’s camcorder, God damn spoiled brats…

  2. bk says:

    Wow, way to take shit way too literally, Your Mom.

  3. Joe Wasser says:

    They should do a podcast while they smash it. : )

  4. DL says:

    Re: your mom

    I smashed an iPod and shot it on film. Cost me around $30:

  5. Bosco says:

    Gee, I don’t know.
    Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Hurricanes, and Mudslides.
    Couldn’t they just donate money to something that actually has merit.

    I mean, get a f*cking life all ready

  6. Donald says:

    Yawn, wake me up when they start a “Smash my Dual 2.7Ghz G5 PowerMac” thing 🙂

  7. Sean says:

    Please feel free to buy and smash them all you like!
    My stock will go up. 🙂

  8. Zachariah says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if these guys figured on the fact that atleast some of the Yorkdale employees read, which means they read this article, which means they are going to tell everyone at the Yorkdale store about this web site. Thinking it is kind of cute, they will check in to over the coming weeks, and the entire store will know when the money is raised.

    No one but the other customers will be surprised when he pulls out a mallet and smashes the new iPod. The only response they will get is, “Oh, you are that smah my iPod guy. Here’s a broom.”

  9. The_Larch says:

    I don’t see why people would get upset over this, it isn’t like it’s YOUR iPod or something. My only problem is it reeks of something a dorky 17 year old virgin would do because he thinks it would be cool and blow people’s minds, and really it is just something a dorky 17 year old virgin would find mind blowing. It would impress no one.

    My bet is he is hoping to raise money for an iPod, xBox, and Ps3 to keep.
    I have no problem with him breaking the Nintendo Revolution, however.

  10. they are all jerks says:

    How can people waste money on that when thousands die each day due to starvation. They aren’t going to use it, just destroy it. Jerks.

  11. Ravi says:

    I really wonder what is the motive for such a destructive act ? Why not donate that money to some charity?
    Or to fund an open source initiative?


  12. Anthony says:

    Aren’t there better issues to deal with? Like smashing poverity?

  13. Andrew says:

    Wouldn’t it be funny if they don’t manage to scratch the screen!

  14. Christopher says:

    DL, remind me not to get you a puppy.

  15. Stan Hoffmueller says:

    You mean we can’t smash an iPod until global poverty is eliminated?

  16. aliasfox says:

    i think 17 year old virgin needs to use the money to find himself a date… on some Canadian street corner, eh?

  17. vidmaster says:

    well, for their own sake, maybe apple should cease and desist them when they reach the 390 mark—a little foolish to use the trademark “iPod” within his domain name…..I suppose then he’d just steal the cash though

  18. Trump's Baby says:

    They reached their goal (and then some).
    Now they claim they are “preparing”.
    It should happen this week, they say.

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