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Anime makes its video iPod debut

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Website Animation Insider is reporting that animation distributor Central Park Media is the first anime company to offer video-iPod-friendly trailers and select full-length episodes of some of its popular and upcoming anime titles. What’s really great is the downloads are free, and look quite good (at least at their native 320×213 size). You don’t need a video iPod to enjoy these clips, just the latest version of iTunes or QuickTime.

Central Park Media spokesman Peter Tatara noted, “”It is a well-known fact that anime fans are the earliest adopters of new technology hardware and software. We are sure that they will quickly become a major customer base for video iPods, so we want to ensure that they can enjoy their favorite Central Park Media titles on this new device.â€?

Clips include scenes and episodes from Angel Shop, Descendants of Darkness, Hammerboy, and Outlanders, among others.

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