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Apple to buy Sony? It could happen

Posted by Helper Monkey

Oh how times have changed.
It was not more than five years ago that many industry insiders believed it was not only possible, but actually likely that Sony would buy out Apple in an attempt to solidify its status as the creator of all things cool and shiny. Five years is a long time in the computer industry, and today it seems the worm may have turned.

The Street’s Cody Willard is musing on the possibility that due to the success of its iPod line of music players (and the resulting 90% increase in Apple’s stock price), Apple could actually buy Sony! (Subscription required). Apple currently has a market capitalization of over $51 billion. Sony is down over 60% from its 5 year highs, and is not showing signs of a turnaround any time soon.

Of course, the REAL question is why Apple would WANT to buy Sony. Two months after iTunes invaded Japan, Apple claims iTunes is the number one music service, and the iPod accounts for a 60% share of Japan’s music players. In the online music industry, Sony seems to be playing Mothra to Apple’s Godzilla. Many analysts were surprised how quickly Apple was able to beat Sony on its home turf.

Without question, Sony DOES design the best looking computers in the PC world. However, that may change when Apple’s Intel-based systems show up next year. If, as rumors are predicting, Apple’s machines will be able to run Windows in addition to Mac OS X, then Sony will suddenly have some design competition.

So that leaves the video game industry, where Sony still reigns supreme. However, Sony’s Playstation division is down as well, and with increased competition from Microsoft (who has publicly said it will bleed money in order to be the number one gaming company) Sony’s gaming prospects aren’t looking too rosy.

Five years from now, will Apple fans look back at today and think Apple should have picked up Sony while it had the chance, or say not buying Sony was the best decision Apple ever made? I’m still holding out that in five years, we will be talking about Apple buying Microsoft.

Or at least Google.

2 Responses to “Apple to buy Sony? It could happen”
  1. lolex says:

    The notebook sales of Sony were like mess now, don’t need to mention the
    macintel notebook.

    Would be great, if Apple to buy Sony over.
    However, this is not likely to be happens, Apple under Seve Jobs’ ‘destortion
    field’ won’t paid a premium to buy thing, they need not to, they own enough genius to build it themself. 🙂

  2. Mactel Williams says:

    Yeah, no way they would ever do it, but it does give me a warm fuzzy feeling as a Mac fan that it is theoretically possible now. Apple must be one of the biggest comeback stories in business history.

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