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Colecovision re-entering game market?

Posted by Helper Monkey

Ahh Colecovision. The 80’s gaming console nobody owned. I remember in my town there was always one kid in each grade that had this thing, and that kid’s popularity was rivaled only by BONK’s. Well, by now all the kids who jealously coveted those systems are probably married with kids of their own. So you might think it is a little late for Colecovision to mount a comeback.

But you’d be wrong. As wrong as the programmers who thought Space Panic would make an entertaining game. According to recent reports, a Chicago-based company called River West Brands now owns the Coleco brand name and intellectual property, and aims to bring back the once-great console. River West apparently specializes in reviving old brand names, and it seems they feel Colecovision has been aged to perfection.

Now, don’t get TOO excited about this. It is unlikely to be a PS3-killer. Odds are we will see the entire catalog of games crammed into a small Coleco-shaped joystick some night on QVC, just like the Atari Flashback. Still, for $29.97, I know I would get one. (as long as it ships with Chuck Norris Superkicks, that is).

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  1. that atari flashback is such a waste. They only put like 20 games on it. Nowadays they could probably fit EVERY Atari game on a microchip.
    And where’s RIVER RAID? WHERE’S PITFALL?!?

    Coleco better not screw up like Atari did. I guess htey could only bundle the games Atari themselves held the publishing on?

    Anyone know if Coleco actually MADE games, or just the hardware?

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