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First Power Book G5 pics

Posted by Helper Monkey

OK, well not really.

YUMLUM has posted some concept renderings for a Power book G5 laptop. They have gone with a brushed metal look, which is in keeping with the look of the PowerMac G5 Towers, however what is interesting here is that they envision the Power Book being able to fold into various configurations. At first I thought these ideas were a bit too clunky to ever be Apple-worthy, but after looking them over for a while they almost seem to make sense. Certainly with a little Apple-polish, these designs could be quite useful. Folding could help alleviate heat problems by raising the machine above the desktop slightly. Also, one configuration has the laptop folded in such a way as to serve as a 17-inch monitor. Interesting idea, and certainly something that, while not likely for a G5 laptop, might been seen down the road if Apple wishes to redefine “laptop� when its Intel models come out.

Above, YUMLUM’s concepts of a G5 Power Book

2 Responses to “First Power Book G5 pics”
  1. lolex says:

    it doesn’t look like conventional to Apple products, too complicates 🙂

  2. Dude says:

    sort of a cool idea

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