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How to install Linux on your nano

Posted by Lab Rat

Linux seems to be the OS that exists primarily to serve the hacker’s desire to see what devices they can get it to run on. From cellular phones to refrigerators, for some reason Linux-heads seem to think, “If it plugs in, or has batteries, it ought to be able to run Linux.�

Today’s example is the iPod nano. Some chazzwuzzers at Swinburne University in Australia have managed to port Linux onto the nano, and have posted step-by-step instructions on how you can do it at home. Sure, we’ve seen iPod Linux before, but this is cooler. Why? Because the nano is smaller, that’s why!

Now you too can enjoy iDOOM at the same blistering frame rates as the other “full-sized� iPod owners, but with half the calories. (Warning: If it wasn’t obvious already, it would be a good idea to backup your nano beforehand.)

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  1. Oh my god! There are people with more free time than me?!?!


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