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Intel-based Mac Minis in January?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

A Forbes article quotes Benjamin A. Reitzes of UBS Investment Research as predicting we will see Intel-based Mac Minis at Macworld this January. He also raised his price target for Apple up from $65 to $74, citing increased demand for the iPod video going into the holiday season. “We believe sales of new iPods are picking up steam into calendar year-end, with new video iPod sales stronger than we expected,” said Reitzes. “Also, we believe that the story has more legs as the ‘iPod hand-off’ to the Mac story continues to takes shape.”

Ealier today, Needham Company downgraded Apple’s stock to “hold� after it reached their target of $61 a share..

One Response to “Intel-based Mac Minis in January?”
  1. Me Grimlock says:

    That guy is insane. Apple’s stock is getting a bit too high too fast. And do we really think they will debut an Intel Mac mini at Macworld? I don’t know if I see the mini being the flagship Intel Mac.
    Although, maybe they figure it might spur more developers to get their stuff out for both CPUS so by the time the portables launch in the spring, there will be some native apps.

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