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Keychain problems still not fixed in 10.4.3 ?

Posted by Lab Rat

We’ve been noticing quite a few posts on the Apple Discussion boards about problems with Keychain Access after the update to 10.4.3. While we have not run into anything NEW something OLD seems to have survived the bug fixes. We noticed this is 10.4.2, and it seems to still be there after updating to 10.4.3. Try this and let us know what happens for you:

1) Open Keychain Access.
2) Click “Show Keychains button at the bottom left of the window
3) click on the “System� keychain in the list at the top left
4) Click the “+� sign at the bottom of the window to add a new keychain
5) name it anything, like “my test�
6) list your account name, give it a password, then hit OK
7) now double click your new keychain
8) select the “Show Password� checkbox
9) enter your password

This is where it breaks down for us. None of our passwords work to open it. We’ve tried 4 different Macs. (You can now delete that keychain if you’d like). Let us know if you have similar problems, or if you found a fix around this.

13 Responses to “Keychain problems still not fixed in 10.4.3 ?”
  1. Same thing here.
    I never use Keychain though, so I can’t help you.
    But I knows a problem when I sees it.

  2. lssmit02 says:

    I had no problems. The password you have to type in is your account password, not the application password.

  3. Lab Rat says:

    That’s what we did. We actually tried both passwords, and did it on multiple machines. weird.

  4. lssmit02 says:

    That may have been to brief: The password you are prompted for when you want to show the password, is your account password, not the password you set for the keychain item that you just added. This makes sense, because you have set a password for your system, which gives you access to the system (including access to the passwords contained in your keychains). The password you are typing in for the keychain item you are adding is a password for that application/internet site/whatever, so that you don’t have to be prompted each time you access that feature.

  5. lssmit02 says:

    Sorry, just saw your post. That is weird. But I tried it again to confirm, and it worked just as I posted, so no problem on my machine.

  6. Lab Rat says:

    We just tried it again on all 4 macs.
    I also just called home to the wife, and our Mac at home has the same issue.
    Very odd.
    well, thanks, and glad to hear you are not affected.

  7. I enetered my user password and the one i made up, and neither works for me.
    and then it times out after like 3 tries.

  8. Trump's Baby says:

    don’t work.

  9. shahriar farkhan says:

    Powerbook G4, works for me…

  10. shahriar farkhan says:

    sorry, no it didn’t 🙂

  11. lssmit02 says:

    Does running Keychain First Aid help? Keychain Access > Keychain Access (menu item) > Keychain First Aid.

  12. Lab Rat says:

    Nope, we tried that.
    Looks like the problem is not global, so who knows what’s going on. But both towers and laptop systems seem to have it (any of the ones WE have access to anyway). Guess it’s time to file a report and see what happens.

  13. moonie says:

    Definitely not working for me here, and I have quadruple-checked: I know my keychain password, I know my user password, and I have plenty of “valid” password ideas that ought to be accepted. I always get “invalid password.

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