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Tivo to support video iPod [UPDATED]

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

An LA Times article mentions Tivo’s plans to move its Tivo to Go service over to MPG-4, and what it might mean for video iPod owners. Tivo to Go allows users to move recorded content from their Tivos to the Windows PCs over a network connection. Currently Tivo to Go supports Window Media, but a move to MPG-4 would open the door to a wide range of portable devices, such as the Sony Playstation Portable, and the video iPod.

Stephen Baker, and analyst for NPD Group, says the move “may help cement the idea that a TiVo is better than a generic DVR. Their route to success is to differentiate themselves from generic DVRs.”

Currently, the Tivo to Go technology isn’t quite as simple as most consumers would like it to be. Special software is needed (for a $15-$30 fee), as is a network connection to the PC from the Tivo box. Additionally, Tivo Vice President Jim Denney claims it would take about two hours to move a one-hour show to a video iPod.

Still, this functionality would help set Tivo apart in the highly competitive DVR field. Most cable and satellite companies now offer their own brand of DVRs for a monthly fee. Dish Network recently announced the ability to move recorded content from its USB-2 enabled receivers to its PocketDISH players, via a much simpler direct connection (we hope to have a review on the one of the PocketDISH players soon). By allowing content to be played on the video iPod, Tivo would start out with a much larger installed market base, and be able to skip the hassle of having to build its own portable media player (although Dish’s PocketDISH is effectively a re-branded Archos player).

However, the one potential snag here is Tivo is doing this without Apple’s consent. While there is no reason why Apple needs to be consulted to add this functionality, it is possible Apple might frown upon Tivo users being able to move episodes of LOST to their iPods from their DVRs instead of by purchasing them through Apple’s iTunes music store. Look for an announcement by Tivo sometime this week.

Tivo has posted its official press release. Of note, the new Tivo service will allow users to set up automatic syncing of shows, making moving shows from the Tivo to the iPod extremely user friendly.

The catch? Tivo’s new functionality only works on Windows PCs. We understand a company needs to address its larger market first, but c’mon! An iPod service that doesn’t support the Mac?!?

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  1. Mactel Williams says:

    Oh my god that’s retarded!
    I don’t even have a Tivo and I am pissed!

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