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Video iPods plagued by cell phone interference?

Posted by Lab Rat

Reports are coming in that the new 5th generation video iPods are subject to some rather odd behavior when placed near cellular phones, notably Sony Ericsson and Nokia models. The wacky behavior varies from case to case, although a large portion seem to relate to the volume levels automatically adjusting themselves. A video of one such case has been posted here.

As many cell phone users know, this is more a problem with the phone than the iPod. Cell phones are notorious for generating electrical interference (my Motorola, for example, goes nuts every once in a while and will affect any nearby speakers). The only interesting thing to note is this apparently was not a big problem (if at all) in past iPod models. We wonder if the video capabilities left the 5th gen models more open to interference. Perhaps a bigger screen means less shielding?

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