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At least 3 iPods for Bush?

Posted by Helper Monkey

Remember last April when the New York Times gave us a peek into the songs on President George Bush’s iPod? Well, Macenstein reader meggert has alerted us that there is now some disturbing video of Bush running through his iPod selections brought to us by Sky News journalist Andrew Wilson.

Of interest here, Bush mentions that the iPod he has with him is a “clunker” compared to the new iPod Bono from U2 apparently “droppedâ€? on him. (Bush also is a big fan of the iPod Shuffle, and claims to “shuffle the Shuffleâ€?). In addition, Bush has high praise for the “next buttonâ€?, and calls the ability to skip a song “pretty high-tech stuffâ€?.

This is posted under humor basically because anytime Bush goes off script, it is hysterical (and frightening) to behold.

3 Responses to “At least 3 iPods for Bush?”
  1. Mactel Williams says:

    Ha HA!
    Here’s his playlist!

  2. Mactel Williams says:

    The next button is high tech?
    Haven’t CD players had that for 20 years?

  3. Gizmo says:

    It’s amazing he even knows how to operate an iPod.


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