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Motorola releases limited edition GOLD V3i (RAZR) phone

Posted by Helper Monkey

Have you been yearning to buy one of Motorola’s hot new iTunes-enabled V3i RAZR phones, but the price just wasn’t high enough?

Well, you’re in luck. Motorola has produced a limited run of golden V3i’s to be sold exclusively at Dolce Gabbana stores worldwide. No word on what the goldRAZR costs, but rumor has it the run was limited to 1000, so get out there quick and pick yours up before Paris Hilton does.

Photo courtesy of The News Market

12 Responses to “Motorola releases limited edition GOLD V3i (RAZR) phone”
  1. Leopoleon says:

    Lame. Motorola are really scraping the barrel.
    They have nice phones, but they lack so much and their interface leaves quite a lot to be desired.

  2. Paris Hilton says:


  3. Jam Sumo says:

    What you Americans call a “piece of crap.”

  4. Dashings says:

    The silver and black ones look much better anyways. Why would anyone want this one? It looks like a bottle of spicy mustard threw up.

  5. Captain X says:

    You know, If you mixed the cases of a black one and a gold one, You’d be pretty close to a proper Star Trek communicator.

    There’s a gold mine waiting for whoever actually makes a cell phone like that.

  6. Ken says:

    Someone let “The Donald” know his phone is ready!

  7. NetherlAndy says:

    This is the phone for daddy’s little princess, or the high-maintenance girls that wear too much makeup. €10 (or $10) says you’ll see this in the next 50Cent video, then ever punk wannabe will have one.

    I almost bought a RAZR V3i, but they’re too wide, and they’ve been out for over a year now, the ‘newness’ is gone; everyone’s seen one and there’s not enough in terms of styling to differentiate it from the old model.

  8. Wolfman Mac says:

    Paris, what’s your phone number?

  9. mcthomas says:

    flippin hell man wkd phone!!

  10. Hey
    I am new to this blog.
    I need a new phone!
    Well, strictly speaking I don’t really need a new phone, but I want one!
    I’ve narrowed it down to two choices:-
    Motorola V3
    Nokia 8800
    Help me choose a new mobile!Please…

  11. monstercastle says:

    anyone wanting to buy D&G accessories for their D&G v3i email me at i have all the motorola dolce and gabbana accessories available

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