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The Pink iPod mini: Hello Kitty Edition

Posted by Lab Rat

From Japan, the land of all things Hello Kitty, comes the official Pink iPod Mini: Hello Kitty Edition.

Basically it is just a pink iPod mini with the Hello Kitty logo emblazed on the back, although it DOES ship with some sort of docking station/cradle thing in the form of a faceless bear named BE@RBRICK.

Unfortunately, Babel Fish can’t seem to translate the page for us into any useable format, so we can’t figure out what they are charging for this thing (39,900 something…YEN, I guess?).

(For the record, I wouldn’t pay more than 37,900 something for it myself).

[UPDATE]: Our handy Unit Converter Widget tells us this sells for roughly $343.94(US). eBay has pink iPod minis for under $200, albeit sans Kitty.

6 Responses to “The Pink iPod mini: Hello Kitty Edition”
  1. Quobobo says:

    Yes, 39900 yen. The bear is just a stand, not a docking station.

  2. The Chez says:

    OMFG, Hello Kitty is ridiculous. I wouldn’t be amazed to see this at Target anytime soon…

  3. Mactel Williams says:

    Looks likeit has been sold out since February, only 2000 were made.
    But I wonder if it was officially licensed from EITHER company?

  4. Beth says:

    why would a Hello Kitty iPod sit in a bear stand? This MUST be a counterfeit!

  5. Reaperducer says:

    Old news. This has been around for at least a year. Maybe longer. It’s even available at some of the Sanrio stores in the U.S., so it’s not even exotic or rare.

  6. jbelkin says:

    The “Kubrick bear” is a huge craze that’s been ongoing for about 3 years – every one is a limited edition with some going for a couple/several hundred dollars but for the Japanese market – that’s nothing – they have $1,000 USD action figures so what’s $300 for a plastic bear or $200 for a melon or $700 for a piece of sushi.

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