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Vonage announces nation-wide 911 services

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Vonage today announced that all of its customers now have access to 911 services. Vonage currently offers E911 or enhanced 911 throughout the US, by sending the call, along with the customer’s address and phone number, to the proper local emergency call center based on the caller’s street address.

Since its inception, the absence of a nation-wide 911 phone system has been a sticking point for a great many potential Vonage subscribers (as well as other IP phone services). Since internet phone companies like Vonage do not use actual phone lines to place calls, it has been hard for emergency services to accurately trace calls and obtain an address. This shortcoming has caused those with young children who could not be counted on to accurately provide their names and addresses in times of emergency to be reluctant to sign up for the service.

(source: The News Market)

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  1. Wolfman Mac says:

    This would be awesome.
    I don’t see it on their website yet though…

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