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ATO’s iSee adds video playback/record capabilities to older iPods

Posted by Dr. Macenstien

A company called ATO is attempting to beat Apple at its own game, and it’s even using Apple’s ball to do it. At this weeks CES show in Vegas, ATO is expected to unveil its iSee, yet another in a long list of “i-named� iPod accessories.

Expected to cost $249 and ship this spring, the iSee is a self-powered video recorder/playback device which transforms almost any iPod (shuffle excluded) into a video iPod. Simply slide an iPod with dock connector into the iSee and you are ready to record and playback MPEG-2 and MPG-4 video on the iSee’s 3.6â€? screen (that’s over 90% larger than the video iPod’s screen). iSee’s battery life is a fairly impressive 4 hours, and can also handle photos as well as video. ATO claims video can be played back on any TV at full “television resolution” (640 x 480) via a special connector cable.

Of course, videos purchased through Apple’s iTunes store are not compatible with the player due to Apple’s DRM, but still, this device does add an impressive amount of new functionality to legacy iPods, and some might say, beats the 5G iPod at its own game (looks aside).

For its part, Apple is apparently not worried. They approved the license for the iSee, so they earn royalties on every iSee sold. Plus, by the time the iSee ships, it is likely the 6G iPod will be out, and who knows what goodies Apple may pack inside.

From the iSee sight:

• Play video with sound, using the iPod’s headphones or external speakers.
• Record TV shows directly from your TV for playback.
• Record compressed video to your iPod for playback.
• Playback movies on your TV.
• Download and play movies, music videos, photos and music from your PC and the web.
• Zoom in and pan your photos, create and play slide shows.
• 3.6″ high quality LCD screen provides bright, vivid viewing.
• Lightweight mobile design – iPod slips into the back of the iSee 360, creating a sleek, compact, all-in-one appearance.
• Replaceable, rechargeable 2400mAh battery delivers 4 hours battery life, without using power from the iPod battery. AC adapter charges iSee and iPod at the same time.
• User-friendly GUI lets you navigate quickly and easily.
• Video in/Video out lets you record from your TV, VCR, or TiVo and playback on TV.
• Multiple video formats include MPEG-2/4 and Windows Media 9/10.
• Audio in/Audio out lets you record audio from any analog source, listen to audio on any external system.
• Software included – VidiScape host application and AcrSoft audio/video conversion software are on included disc.

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  1. Wolfman Mac says:

    For $150 those things would fly off the shelf.

    $249… it gets a bit iffy there.

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