How high can it go? Buoyed by Jobs’ Keynote, Apple’s stock shatters records yet again - Macenstein

How high can it go? Buoyed by Jobs’ Keynote, Apple’s stock shatters records yet again

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Following a fairly impressive MacWorld Keynote by Steve Jobs, Apple’s stock jumped over 6% to hit $81.89 early this afternoon. The stock has risen over $7.00 in the past 4 trading days spurred by the latest buzz coming out of the Consumer Electronics Show and the rumors flying around the internet of what many expected from today’s announcements.

Apparently, Wall Street is finally giving Apple a little credit as being more than just the creator of the iPod. While there were encouraging statistics about sales of Apple’s music player and iTunes music store tracks, it was the introduction of two new Intel based computers that gave rise to Apple’s stock price Tuesday.

Many analysts and rumor sites had predicted Apple would use this year’s MacWorld as an opportunity to enter into the highly competitive (yet thus far, rather UN-lucrative) personal video recorder market by creating its own digital media hub, perhaps built around a new Intel based Mac mini.

However, Apple instead decided to use the event to update its two top-selling CPUs, the 15-inch PowerBook (now referred to as a MacBook) and the hot-selling iMac line by making them the first to receive the Intel makeover. Early benchmarks (provided by Apple) suggest the new machines will be anywhere between 2-5x faster than their current counterparts, which is welcome news for those concerned over Apple’s choice to move their computers off IBM’s Power PC chips to the more popular Intel processors.

From the spike in Apple’s stock, it seems many think Apple made the right move.

One Response to “How high can it go? Buoyed by Jobs’ Keynote, Apple’s stock shatters records yet again”
  1. rip says:

    Apple stock did not go up today because of the new intel mac introductions. It went up the last week on the intel mac rumors. If the new computers had not been introduced, the stock probably would have gone down 3-4 points, exactly what it went up on from the rumors.

    Apple stock went up today because Steve Jobs pre-announced last quarters earnings. The estimates were for about 4.9 billion and he announced it was 5.7 billion. Also, the estimates were for 11 million iPods sold and he announced they sold 14 million.

    Apple stock went up because it had a blowout quarter. NOT BECAUSE OF THE NEW COMPUTER INTRODUCTIONS.

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