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Intel Core Duo Chips full of flaws?

Posted by Lab Rat has an article which claims numerous flaws are being identified in Intel’s newly released Core Duo and Core Solo family of chips at the alarming rate of 1.5 per day since their January 3rd unveiling. Currently 34 known issues have surfaced, and while some are more serious than others, only one is slated to be fixed by Intel at this time. While the speed at which these problems are being spotted may not bode well for Apple (and PC makers in general), is quick to point out that it is not at all uncommon for chips to continue to ship with flaws. The Pentium 4 processor have 65 known flaws and are there are no plans by Intel to fix them.

Of course, theis report is noteworthy because the Core Duo family of chips is being used in Apple’s new iMacs and MacBook Pros. User comments point out that most processor flaws can be addressed by workaround in the software coding, so this may not end up being a big deal. But it is always fun to cause a panic.

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