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Intel produces 45nm chip

Posted by Helper Monkey

Only 1 month after it began shipping its latest 65nm processors, Intel has announced it has successfully manufactured a chip at 45nm. This makes Intel the first chip company to successfully showcase a working 45nm chip. The chips are said to provide a 5x decrease in transistor leakage over 65nm chips, and a 20% improvement in switching speed. While these chips will not be shipping until mid-2007, the speed at which Intel cranks out faster chips is something very new and exciting to we Mac users who were saddled with the PPC roadmap which in recent years delivered only minor speed bumps every year or so.

7 Responses to “Intel produces 45nm chip”
  1. Steve-O says:

    FuKing Sheet! I’m actually happy Apple made the jump now..

    They are really starting to pull away from IBM in the CPU dept.

  2. Wolfman Mac says:

    Soon laptops will be so cool we won’t be worried about heating issues, we’ll be worried about freezer burn!

  3. nickman says:

    Ok, just to get you to think: Blue Visible Light has the shortest wavelength at about 470 nm. Just to put things in perspective: now that Intel is producing chips at 45 nm, that means you can put 10 traces within one wavelength of blue light. Think harder: how the hell do you do that? Sure aint with a laser since the laser is too big!!!! Or maybe you do it with a laser. I don’t know, I’m just impressed.

  4. j says:

    remeber light is not the only electromagnetic source, they probably use some type of ultraviolet or microwave ‘laser’ if you will.

  5. Papa Smurf says:

    Or Elves.
    Don’t underestimate Elves.
    It would be the last thing you do….

  6. hardchemist says:

    Check out
    They use deep UV lasers to do the lithography, in particular 193nm. Remember 193nm is the frequency of the electromagnetic radiation, but through the use of optics can constructs lines and feature sizes that are 1/6th that size….

  7. LittleRich says:

    Wolfman— You mean frost bite? 😀

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