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Microsoft to mount challenge to iPod with new MBox music player?

Posted by Lab Rat

BusinessWeek is reporting that Microsoft is considering plans for an iPod-esque music player of its own. This represents a huge change in Microsoft’s thinking as they now have to admit that their relying on a dozen or so manufacturers to provide media players to compete with the iPod is just not working. Combined sales of all other media players accounts for only 33% of the total Market.

While BusinessWeek claims Microsoft is merely in the theoretical planning stages of such a device, has a (pretty fake) rendering of what they claim the 40 GB version looks like. They claim the devices (called MBoxes, an attempt to cash in on the Xbox brand no doubt) have already gone into the manufacturing stages, and will boast a huge array of features, and sell for a very low price point in order to take away Apple’s MarketShare.

Above: the MBox

From the site:
“The entry level model (shown) is believed to have a 40GB hard drive, with the ability to play music, show pictures and even play video. The Mbox will also have recording capability, with line-in and voice, along with FM transmitter duty. Functionality is straight forward with all the necessary buttons and the unique new “X-padâ€?, Microsoft’s answer to the click wheel. The X-pad is programmable, and is said to have remarkable progressive touch sensitivity, and walk the line between simplicity and ultimate control. No word yet on the introduction date, but this product launch will sure make for an interesting 2006.”

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    I think I will buy 4.

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