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1GB nano… Screen not as bright as other models?

Posted by Lab Rat

When Apple released the 1GB iPod nano this week, the announcement was met here at Macenstein with little enthusiasm. After all, the 1GB nano is just a 2GB nano with half the storage selling at 3�4 the price. The 1GB nano did not cause the shuffle to disappear from Apple’s lineup, as had been anticipated. All in all, a very “nothing� event.

However, iLounge has updated their iPod nano review to incorporate the new 1GB model, and while they say the functionality is the same as the other nano models, they claim the 1GB nano DOES have something that sets it apart from its bigger brothers; namely a dimmer screen. After getting their hands on one, they claim the 1GB nano’s backlight is not as bright as that in the 2GB and 4GB nano’s displays. Also, they claim there is a slightly pink tint to the screen, vs. the standard iPod blue-ish tint we have all grown to love. (This tint comment though has us wondering if perhaps they just got a bad unit. Anyone with a 2GB or 4GB nano that wants to go to their local Apple store and compare the two please feel free to post back your findings here).

So, while it looks like those people looking to spend more money for less storage and a dimmer screen have something to get excited about, for the rest of us… not so much.

8 Responses to “1GB nano… Screen not as bright as other models?”
  1. Jim says:

    Or they just happened to get a unit with a bad display. Be interesting to see if this is seen on a wider sampling of 1G Nanos.

  2. Tuna Helper says:

    I’m with Jim.
    Why would the screen be any different?
    Seems like the only difference SHOuLD be hard drive size, right?

  3. truthstar says:

    The Nanos use memory not hard drives.

  4. Tuna Helper says:

    hey, if you click the “What Is the 1GB iPod nano? (New: Feb. 8, 2006)” on ilounge, it looks like the back metal and front white of the 1GB have a pinkish hue. Maybe their camera is just not white balanced, and they are basing it on their photos?

    Doesn’t sound like it from their review, but the photos are definitely off.

  5. Tuna Helper says:

    sorry truthstar.
    Flash drive size.

  6. Groumpf says:

    it would not make any sense for Apple changing the screen for this model ……

    It would be very expensive to change the production line only for the screen

  7. Stitch says:

    Tuna, Solid-State Flash. No drive 🙂

  8. Juboodi says:

    You don’t need to change production line to make the screen dimmer, only give it less power.

    Yea the nanos use flash memory, not hard drives.

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