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20-inch G5 iMac available at Costco for $1479.99 with free Apple Protection Plan

Posted by Helper Monkey

Apple is “slumming it� a bit in an apparent attempt to unload the last of its G5 iMacs. The computer maker is now selling the 20-inch iMac G5 at warehouse-giant Costco for $1479.99, a savings of $20 over the apple store. PLUS Costco is throwing in the 3-year Apple Protection Plan FREE (a $169 value).

Is this a sign that Apple is having trouble moving the remaining supply of 20-inch G5 iMacs? Possibly. Is it a sign that the buzzards are circling above the G5 iMac in an ever-tightening radius? Most definitely.

While Costco sells a few iPod peripherals through its chain, the 20-inch G5 iMac is the only apple computer the chain currently sells, and the only Apple product they have sold in recent memory.

6 Responses to “20-inch G5 iMac available at Costco for $1479.99 with free Apple Protection Plan”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Woah Woah Woah!

    What do you mean “slumming it”?
    Where else am I supposed to go if I need a tramploline, four tires, and an iMac?

    The Apple Store? I think not.

    Apple could learn a thing or 2 from Costco.

  2. matt says:

    Costco also sells the ipod nano (2 gb, in black at least), for $10 less than the Apple Store (but $10 more than educational discount). I doubt this is slumming it; more likely they just see Costco as a good outlet for them.

  3. B. says:

    My girlfriend bought one from Costco last week.
    Beautiful… (the iMac is pretty nice too) 🙂

  4. B. says:

    Seriously though.. she bought one and it works flawlessly. Costco has a great return policy too if something should go wrong unexpectantly. I doubt that Costco will actually sell anything but iPods in the future since the only iMac there was the PowerPC version. The problem is the people who go to Costco have no idea about Macs. They are usually the bulk and price people who see something that isn’t a PC box and think it’s from Mars. Too bad for them. Too good for us.

  5. jbelkin says:

    Costco has has one of the highest demographics of customers – not surprising since the average sale at Costco is like $125. They also used Costco to clear out iBooks when they switched from the “toilet” seat look to the current white form.

  6. azoomi says:

    I’m sure Apple is having trouble unloading these. I want a new one and was drawn to this offer, but I definitely want the Intel chip if that is the future for us all.
    But WOW…Whoever thinks Costco is for the bulk-buyer PC crowd obviously has never been there. They have upmarket brand leaders in every category and the food is not to be believed…Extra Virgin Oil, Sashimi Tuna, the best prosciutto.
    But hey, it’s already crowded enough, so I won’t tout it anymore!

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