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Apple announces MacBook Pro speed bumps

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Customers who pre-ordered MacBook Pro’s last month have received a very special Valentine’s Day gift from Apple in the form of laptops which are faster than the ones they ordered. Apple has shipped 1.83GHZ and 2.0 GHz models in lieu of the 1.67GHz and 1.83GHz customers have ordered.

But not all early adopters will be happy with the news. It seems Apple has also now added a higher end 2.16GHz MacBook Pro to the lineup, so those who pre-ordered their MacBook Pros in January hoping to be the first on their block with the fastest Mac portable have already been shown up.

For the rest of us, this speed increase is great news. Hopefully the rate at which the new Intel Core Duo processors seem to be being updated is a indication of things to come

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