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Apple discontinues 15-inch PowerBook G4

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Apple has stopped selling the 15-inch model of its PowerBook G4 laptop on its online store. Both the 12-inch and 17-inch PowerPC models are still available. Obviously, those looking for a 15-inch laptop from Apple are encouraged to take a look at the new 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Apple’s transition to an all-Intel lineup seems to be moving along at a fairly good pace these days. A couple weeks back, Apple discontinued the 17-inch G5 iMac. Currently, the buzzards are circling over the 20-inch iMac G5 as well. In addition, Apple has scheduled a “special event” for February 28th, and many are hopeful we will see an Intel iBook or Mac mini there as well.

12 Responses to “Apple discontinues 15-inch PowerBook G4”
  1. Mr. Roboto says:

    That would be cool, but I fear it is all gonna be iPod related. The way they said “Fun” new products…
    I don’t know. If it turns out to be that damn iPod boombox I think I may fall asleep.
    Leave the iPod accessories to the Belkins of the world Apple! Put some effort into releasing the Intel iBook and cranking out a “true” video iPod.

  2. Levon Williams says:

    Get one while you can from independent vendors like Powermax. Then ship it off to Daystar and have the processor upgraded to 2 MHZ and watch it blow the doors off the slow overheated Mactel laptop. They don’t call it Macbook Slow for nothing!

  3. Matt Killmon says:

    Yeah… MacBook Slow. Right. Even a 2GHz G4 is no match for the Core Duo. I’d be surprised if Rosetta on the MacBook felt any slower than a current-gen PowerBook G4, and there’s no doubt that in Intel-native apps the MacBook absolutely screams. Two faster processors, faster bus, faster memory, faster graphics chip… try playing 1080p high-def H.264 on YOUR PowerBook G4. Methinks someone’s just a Kool Aid-drinking PowerPC fanboy.

  4. Way Cool Jr. says:

    I don’t get CHIP LOYALTY.
    what do you care if Apple uses Intel over PPC?
    Apple will always use the fastest chips it can.
    you aren’t getting screwed by the move.
    I have always been a fan of the OS, not really the hardware.

  5. Levon Williams says:

    Why do you think all the pc manufacturers are leaving Intel? Dell was the last one to switch and when they announced they were going to use AMD chips in 50% of their machines Intel freaked and put the big marketing push on Apple. Intel sucks; their chips are slow compared to what else is out there and they’re power hogs compared to the PowerPC and AMD chips. As for dual core superiority take a look at benchmarks between the two. The dual core G4’s are available and the G6 will be out before long. Intel doesn’t have anything that can match the power of those chips. Can you say 32 bit congested long pipelines?

  6. Way Cool Jr. says:

    dual core G4s?
    When did that happen?
    I’ll assume you meant G5’s, and a G5 ain’t gonna fit in an Apple laptop, sorry.
    Talk about Power Hog. The heat from a G5 is hotter than Angelina Jolie’s ass.

  7. Docpsycho says:

    Yay, just in time ordering!!! DId it sunday… with the 7200RPM 100 GB. drive.

    One key piece to why I did the G4 and not intel is the DRM Embedding. Thank you no, but we defeated the extemist control freaks in WW2 and the fall of the USSR. now I don’t want my computer company following me or allowing the UN..CHINA..NORTHKOREA..USA…RIAA..MPEG.. the list goes on. I hope the bulb jus’ went on upstairs.. If you did not get it … shame on you sheeple. go drink you jim jones cool aid!

  8. Shaking head at Levon says:

    Do you know what you’re talking about?

    Yes, the Intel Netburst architecture was a power-hog and not exactly efficient. But the Core Duo is from a completely different family. I won’t rehash all the discussions here, a little bit of research will do you good.

    Yes, Intel is still trailing AMD’s chips in terms of performance. But, AMD doesn’t have a dual-core mobile chip. So there! It’s kind of a deal-breaking situation.

    Yes, the Core Duo is not as fast as Steve Jobs claims (who would ever believe such marketing claim anyway), but it has a future in mobile computing. The G4 doesn’t, and the G5 certainly is not going anywhere.

  9. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Doc, you can’t beat DRM.
    Eventually your iPod will break, and you will need to buy a new one, and it wil have the latest DRM compatible with the Intels.

    and I’d hate to burst your bubble, but you will one day have to buy a new PowerBook too.
    Sooner than you think, since the G4 PowerBooks are dog-slow and you just purposely bought outdated technology.
    We have the 17-inch here at work, and it really is a chore doing Final Cut, even compared to a dual G5 tower, much less a dual core Intel or Quad Core G5.

    You made a very dumb decision.

  10. mac4drew says:

    Agreed Way Cool,

    And plus Doc, you’re saying it’s not at all possible that eventually people will find away around the DRM? Of course it will eventually happen and of course Apple will find a way to patch it, and of course people will get around THAT, ad infinitum.

    What about that ominous looming day when they stop releasing universal binaries of iTunes and Mac OS X, Photoshop, Word, etc. and switch over to Intel entirely? Sure you won’t ever have to worry about DRM (you probably will anyway considering that although there is some in the hardware it’s also becoming more and more prominent in software) but that money you spent at a time when you could have actually gotten something useful has gone to a now useless artifact.

    Congratulations on your purchase and I can’t wait to see the look on your face when Adobe/Apple/Microsoft/Quark decide there’s not enough money in updating a program for an outdated architecture.

  11. Pikemann Urge says:

    “…there’s not enough money in updating a program for an outdated architecture.” Whoa, hold your horses there, partner. If a lot of people upgrade every few years then that leaves any G4 iBook purchased today good for a long time to come. Even if it’s only three good years and two ordinary ones after that, it won’t matter because by that time the average person will have upgraded (i.e. bought a new one).

  12. Sarcastro says:

    Took my first macbook user exactly 1/2 of a day to start complaining about how dog slow it is. And this is a 2.0GHz compared to a G4/400!

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