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Apple store down… 1 GB iPod nano leaked

Posted by Lab Rat

Several readers have alerted us that the Apple store was taken off-line early this morning, and anticipation is running high for a 1GB iPod nano to be released today. As is usually the case these days, Apple itself seems to have prematurely spilled the beans on the 1GB nano. On its own site, Apple shows us a chart comparing the iPod shuffle to the nano and video iPod. Of note, there is a now a 1GB nano listed in addition to the 2GB and 4GB versions. We expect an official announcement from Apple soon.

[UPDATE:] Apple has released the 1GB nano, and set a $149 price. Apple has also lowered the prices of the shuffle. The 512MB version now costs $69, and the 1GB version is now $99, down from $99 and $129 respectively.

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