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How strong is the allure of the Mac OS? Just Ask Tom Cruise

Posted by The Bride of Macenstein

Like every single person in the world, I am obsessed with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ relationship. And rightly so.

Mr. Cruise is arguably the most famous actor in the world right now, and his off-the-screen Scientology shenanigans and off-the-wall media appearances have catapulted him beyond A-list. Throw in knocking up and converting a relative unknown (but perky) actress named Katie Holmes to the cause, and the articles write themselves.

Tom Cruise has pretty much become the face of the Church of Scientology, whether they like it or not. During the publicity tour for War Of The Worlds, Cruise was asked more about Scientology than his film role. It seemed as though every chance he got, Tom would throw in a wide-eyed Scientology reference, and the media ate it up with a spork. In fact, it could be argued the only thing Cruise could conceivably love MORE than Scientology, is the mother of his unborn child, Katie Holmes. Now THAT is a true, honest-to-goodness-Oprah-blessed love affair completely devoid of ulterior motives, and there’s no shame in Scientology’s coming in a close second in Tom’s heart.

Or is it third?

Like most of you, I “Google” Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes about once every 2 hours or so. And in my Google-ing, I have come across something I found both shocking and inspiring. It appears there are numerous postings that claim Tom Cruise is in fact, a Mac user. (I can’t be sure about Katie, but if her track record holds up, she has probably been converted by now).

This alone is news worth shouting from the highest hill in Cupertino, but in Google-ing Scientology, I came across something that made me believe in love all over again.

If reports are to be believed (and it makes a better story here if they ARE) it seems that the highly secretive Church of Scientology (CSI) actually frowns upon Mac users, and encourages its members to use Windows. Their rationale? Well, apparently the church is none-too-pleased by the millions of anti-Scientology websites out there on the World-Wide-Web, and would like to “protect� its members from reading such harsh criticisms. To that end, members are often asked to sign a contract agreeing to use
a special custom internet filtering software that works hand in hand with Internet Explorer to filter out websites which provide “unflattering� depictions of Scientology.

An except from the contract states members… “agree to use the specific Internet Filter Program that CSI has provided to you which allows you freedom to view other sites on Dianetics, Scientology or its principals without threat of accessing sites deemed to be using the Marks or Works in an unauthorized fashion or deemed to be improper or discreditable to the Scientology religion�

Unfortunately, this awesome software is Windows only, but hopefully they are working on a Mac port. For the time being, however, CSI members are encouraged to look to Microsoft for their web surfing enjoyment.

Now assuming these reports of Tom being a Mac user are to be believed (and I admit, I am on a Mac without the CSI filtering program installed, so for all I know these posting could be false) this means that Tom Cruise, a man so dedicated to Scientology that he risks his career and fan-base on a daily basis by giving raving accounts of the benefits of Scientology in every interview, actually loves his Mac enough to go against the Church of Scientology.

If that isn’t love, I don’t know what is.

Of course, it is possible Cruise uses a PC for his web surfing needs, and is only using a Mac to edit a sequel to the 1985 smash-hit “Legend� using iMovie. But I like to hope that isn’t the case (for more than one reason). I like to imagine that the Mac means something special in the TomKat household, and that the Mac will find a special place in the life of their little TomKitten, when it is born.

So here’s to you, Tom Cruise, for knowing that eternal salvation and enlightenment comes and goes, but a good OS is hard to find.

3 Responses to “How strong is the allure of the Mac OS? Just Ask Tom Cruise”
  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    I bet Brangelina use Linux.
    they are so “open source”.


  2. L. Ron Cruise says:

    Darn Thetans.

  3. Xenu says:

    Probably best if scientologists don’t use the internet at all. And for that matter, keep the blinds shut and don’t read any news papers. Because obviously everyone by now got the vicious scheme and psychological/financial cruelty that’s happening. I just pitty those poor bastards who believe they would actually spend all of their earnings for their own good.

    All hail the mighty power of brainwashing, secrecy and financial ransacking.

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