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Deals: Get a free iPhoto book

Posted by Lab Rat

A company called mypublisher has created a new plug-in for iPhoto which allows you to bypass Apple’s iPhoto store when ordering photo books. The company claims they print higher quality books than those purchased via Apple, and deliver them faster and cheaper as well (although looking at the prices on mypublisher’s site, their hardcover book is only 19¢ cheaper than Apple’s, the softcovers were priced the same., and the 3-pack 3.5 inch books are 3¢ MORE expensive). Still mypublsher claims they have sales and discounts which Apple traditionally hasn’t, and if their quality claims are to be believed, then the deal is worth it.

To help publicize their entry into the Mac market, they are offering a special deal. Simply enter coupon code MAC241 during checkout and receive a free iPhoto book. The coupon is only good for orders of 2 or more (i.e. order 3 books, pay only for 2) but still it is a $30 savings.

The plug-in disables ordering through Apple for books, but can be uninstalled “with one simple click�, setting things back the way they were.

There is also a coupon for 50% off an entire order using code MAC2550, which expires April 30th.

Thanks to Macenstein reader Lazy Smurf for the tip.

[Disclaimer: We are not associated with mypublisher in any way]

6 Responses to “Deals: Get a free iPhoto book”
  1. Andy Wakshul says:

    Good luck to you in using this service! I failed, miserably, multiple times. I installed their plug-in, but could never get past the signin page; then I discovered you need iPhoto 5 or later, and I had 4, so I purchased iPhoto 5 but have not been able to install the plug-in. Their installation software continues to tell me, “there is nothing to install” and the iPhoto customer service folks, while the fastest responders out there, haven’t been able to get me going. I have no idea why, and I’ve given up.

    So good luck. Maybe the plug-in will plug into yours, but it sure didn’t plug into mine!!!


  2. John Doyle says:


    I have not used their service, but here in Australia where Apple had the foresight never to introduce iphoto prints or books, a company called Digital DaVinci has inotrduced a similar service and their plugin seems to work really well.

    Check out

  3. Brennon says:

    I just ordered from using iPhoto last week. I was impressed by the quickness of the delivery. I ordered Tuesday night and received it on Friday. Although I cannot speak for the Apple published books, the quality of the mypublisher book has amazing quality. I was impressed. With this buy-one-get-one-free deal it was well worth it.

  4. Eduo says: practically invented the printed book market some time before apple offered it and were traditionally the “worth if you put savings over quality and versatility” option. They offered the most basic of layouts, limited fonts and you either had to assemble your book online (cumbersome, limited, slow, prone to errors), use their program for windows (thanks, but no thanks) or send them a PowerPoint presentation for printing into a book (not a bad idea, actually). With the iPhoto plug-in they bridge the gap and in reality use iPhoto’s engine to generate a file of the book (in the same way you could print your book yourself to a PDF or a printer, if you so wanted) and process that. iPhoto becomes the mac’s layout program.

    I’ll probably try this, if the offer extends to Europe, as I really like printed books. It all depends if I can use the coupon more than once (to try first with softcover and if it works OK try with hardcovers) and if the plug-in is an universal binary.

    I’m not sure I could stand my printed books lacking the little Apple and “Made on a mac” text. I think showing those books off has made to gain apple adepts in my family than any amount of evangelising 🙂

  5. Pierre says:

    I finally understood that mypublisher do not offer the service for Mac users in europe.
    Does anyone know about an alternative ?

  6. Zacary says:

    Yea its great and all but does it print cards

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