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Microsoft admits Vista borrows heavily from OS X… (sort of)

Posted by Lab Rat

Macenstein reader Sweet Pee pointed us to a Flickr posting claiming to provide unneeded proof that Microsoft’s upcoming Vista OS is a blatant rip off of Apple’s OS X. During a Vista beta install, an astute tester noticed that the program creates a temporary “Panther� folder. It appears that one of Microsoft’s programmers felt the sweet pangs of guilt, and felt compelled to admit his company was ripping-off Mac OS X’s more distinctive features via this “message in a bottle� cry for help.

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  1. Wolfman Mac says:

    After all the “official” 6G iPod photos, I don’ tthink I can ever trust anything on Flickr ever again.

    Still pretty funny.
    And “Panther” instead of “Tiger” shows they were ripping off OS X for years.

  2. This says:


    that looks like “parther” or “phrther”, not panther.

  3. Jeff says:

    You must be visually impaired. It clearly says panther.

  4. Mark says:


    if you cannot see that it says Panther – you need glasses. and who cares anyways..

  5. giffo says:

    on the flickr post it says panther but the image here it does look like parther

  6. mikel says:

    if you go to the flickr website and blow it up it does say panther.

  7. Anonymous says:

    get a fucking life

  8. Mike says:

    There is also something to be said about random named folders, it’s quite possible that it has nothing to do with Apple. Perhaps Panther is an upcoming feature for Vista? Or perhaps it’s all a hoax? Or maybe that’s just the name of a system folder, unoriginally named, yes, proof that MS is ‘borrowing’ from OSX, I’m not so sure.

  9. Nima Hejazi says:

    History proved that Microsoft usually use other’s ideas. Maybe success of Microsoft laies behind this simple rule.

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