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More Flickr pics look to screw with Mac rumor community

Posted by Helper Monkey

Ahhh.. another day, another 6G iPod Flickr picture. Today’s 6G iPod flickr pic (as opposed to each previous day’s debunked pics this month) shows an alleged new mockup of graphics designed for a future version of Apple’s website.

What sets this image apart from previous rumored 6G Flickr postings is it does not try to pass itself off as a blurry “snapshot� of the new iPod “taken secretly� in the back of some Apple lab, as most previous Flickr pics have.

Instead, this one’s hook is it is designed to showcase the new iPod on an upcoming page on Apple’s website. The image does not appear to be trying to pass itself off as a photo-realistic representation of the actual device, and it does look similar to the renderings Apple uses on its site for current models.

From the looks of the image though, we would guess (if it were real) it would be intended not so much to showcase the new widescreen iPod so much as perhaps to showcase the ability to download new full-length movies. We would envision such a graphic (if it were true) appearing on a new iTunes movie download page.

The fact that all 3 shots featured are taken from Pixar movies is not lost on us either. This could perhaps mean Think Secret’s latest claims that Apple is having trouble rounding up full-length movie content for the iTunes store is true, and Steve Jobs is being forced to call in a Disney/Pixar favor. (That is, assuming this pic is legit.)

We didn’t see anything in the meta data to sway us one way or the other, although these days we are skeptical of everything not seen with our own eyes in a brick and mortar Apple Store. While in the past, apple’s website has prematurely leaked several of its own secret announcements, we highly doubt a graphic for an upcoming page would be leaked somehow. Still, it’s a slow news day, so what the heck.

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  1. Not Watching The Oscars says:


    Although I DO bet that Pixar’s offerigns will be among the first to be made available for download.

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