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Apple’s stock rises nearly 8% on Boot Camp news

Posted by Helper Monkey

As most of us Apple stock holders know, the stock market can both giveth and taketh away. Well, after months of “giveth-ing�, followed by a month of “taketh-ing away�, the market is once again feeling generous. Apple’s stock was up almost 8% in early morning trading on news of Apple’s newly released Boot Camp software, which allows its new Intel Macs to run Windows. Apple has said the software will be built into its upcoming OS X 10.5 release due later this year, but it has made available a beta of the software today. Many analysts have said a Mac capable of dual booting both the Mac OS and Windows would cause a boon to Mac sales.

[UPDATE] Apple stock closed at $67.21, up $6.04 (or +9.87%).

11 Responses to “Apple’s stock rises nearly 8% on Boot Camp news”
  1. switchtoamac says:

    The market likes the news because it means the following:

    – increased Mac unit sales
    – increased market share

  2. Kingcook says:

    no sh*t sherlock ?

  3. Eli says:

    This is NOT the Holy Grail. Lauching a Windows application in OS X is the Holy Grail (who really wants to switch back and forth by rebooting all the time just to use one or two applications?).

    When WINE (or something similar) is running on a Mactel machine, they’ll have my money (for now, I’m sticking with my PowerBook, but I REALLY need to run one or two Windoze apps, so I hope this happens soon…).

  4. Ray says:

    I agree.. if I could just run the few windows apps that I need, in Mac OS X, without having to boot in and out of two separate OS environments.. that would be ideal..

    But at least they came out with this option.. i can finally dump my heavy, loud, Windows laptop, and just work from one computer.

  5. John says:

    This is awesome. I am a Windows Developer – but also use PowerMac G5 for multimedia work ( iMovie, Garageband, Graphic Converter, Final Cut Studio, iTunes). I have several PCs that are getting long in the tooth and need to be replaced. The PC work involves mostly Visual Studio (C/C++/C#), IntelliJ (Java development), Code Warrior, and Prograph CPX.

    I have been looking at several workstation solutions – Dell, Custom Built, HP and possibly AlienWare.

    But I KNOW that Apple makes the highest quality hardware, very very quiet workstations and now if they can run MacOSX AND XP – its a no brainer. None of the other hardware makers come close in quality.

    I’ll first try testing all of our Windows apps on a Macmini running XP to make sure the apps we use all work – and then if all goes well, replace ALL of our PC hardware with the up comming PowerMac G5 replacements.

    It should work out great.

  6. Zak. says:

    it’s not ‘MacOSX AND XP’, it’s ‘MacOSX OR XP’. At least. now.
    Let’s hope there’s a new incarnation of ‘Compatibility Box’ module. Apple is good doing that kind of stuff, heh…

  7. klaus says:

    the same here, John!
    we have an iMac core duo and later this week we will test how XP boots on it. If everything goes well (mostly DEV studio), the whole dev-team (all 19 of us) will upgrade to iMacs. Needless to say, if something goes wrong, Apple will not have a second chance for years.

  8. Zac says:

    Well John, just make sure you do not replace them with Power Mac G5’s. You need intel Macs to use Boot Camp. You’ll have to wait for intel PowerMacs.

  9. John says:

    The PowerMac G5 replacements are what I am waiting for. I am assumming they’ll be Intel-base Macs.

    I’ll post my Minimac results sometime next week.

    Anyone have a feel for when the PowerMac G5 replacements will be available?

    Think about this:
    Wouldn’t be hilarious if (down the road sometime) XP ran just like another app in MacOSX? It becomes “just another app” where you can into it do some work, maybe drag some resulting files out into the MacOSX world to do more work?

  10. Boot Camp is great news, but Eli is right saying “who really wants to switch back and forth by rebooting all the time just to use one or two applications?”.

    Therefore the FANTASTIC news is really Parallels Workstation Beta 2.1 for Mac.

    It’s a so called virtualization tool that enables users to run various operating systems, at full speed, without leaving OS X

  11. John says:

    Quick update and summary – MacMini 1.6GHz DuoCore. Installed Visual 2005, Dreamweaver, CPX, CodeWarrior, Perforce and several other apps. All run FASTER than my 2.4 GHz Pentium4. Very nice.

    I accidently tried at first to install WinXP (not SP2). When trying to run and install drivers had several problems that made me realize I had the wonrg Xp install disk. Went back into MacOSX and Boot Camp to remove XP partition and started over. After using the RIGHT disk all went flawless.

    Very very impressive – esp when I compare it to a Dell Optiplex – the MacMini is Much more impressive as an XP box – and even more so as a MacOSX box. Can’t wait for the “TowerMac” or whatever its going to be called – my next PC upgrade will be a Macintosh!

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