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Boot Camp: Why boot just 2 OSes when you can boot 3!

Posted by Helper Monkey

Faithful Macenstein reader (and possibly our only reader) rico sent in another nugget he came across, this time while poking around As you may remember, onmac sponsored one of those “try to get Windows XP to boot on a Mac� contests that were all the rage back before Apple released Boot Camp, and pretty much made those contests unnecessary.

However, there are still challenges to be undertaken by those adventurous, geeky, and wealthy Mac owners who don’t mind risking permanently disabling their new Intel Macs in the name of nerdom.

It seems onmac has posted a more-or-less untested method that can potentially allow users to partition their Intel Macs such that they can choose to boot one of THREE operating systems: Mac OS, Windows XP, OR Linux. That’s right, a TRIPPLE BOOT system! A veritable trifecta of geekiness that will more than make up for not having a date tonight (or ever).

If you are brave enough to try, the instructions can be found here. The authors claim to have successfully gotten it to work on a MacBook, but their on data loss warnings throughout the instructions, so be warned. It sounds like the biggest problem to overcome is that each OS likes to see their software on the main loading partition, so pay careful attention to the installation guide, and let us know if you get it up and running!

Good luck!

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