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Forbes confirms new iBooks in June (via broken English)

Posted by iGor

A posting over at Forbes claims Austek (a Taiwanese company) has secured a new iBook (MacBook?) contract for 1.2 million units, slated to ship this June.

While the article is interesting in that it gives both a concrete timetable for the new laptops AND confirms they will have a 13.3-inch screen, what is really interesting about the article is just how poorly it is written.

We here at Macenstein for the most part went to art school, so the grammatical errors on our site are to be expected. However a publication like Forbes should be able to do better than sentences like this:

“Apple Computer will start selling the notebook PCs from June, while contract suppliers of panels to start deliveries from April.�

Did Jackie Chan write that?
And how many commas can you use before you break a sentence? Let’s find out…

“Asustek Computer Inc (2357.TW) has secured a contract from Apple Computer Inc for iBook notebook personal computers, estimated at about 1.2 mln units initially, the Commercial Times reported, without citing sources.�

Anyway, if the URL did not legitimately point to, I would have taken this posting as a hoax from overseas.

But the good news is it looks like June will bring the near completion of Apple’s Intel transition, leaving only the G5 PowerMac remaining Intel-less.

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