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Apple’s sexist marketing campaign

Posted by iGor

Well, Mother’s Day is just 3 days away, but you wouldn’t know it from Apple’s website.

Nope, instead of ads touting how mom would love a new iPod or Mac mini, Apple has instead chosen to tell people that DAD is the one who should be in their hearts (and wallets). Despite Mother’s Day being this Sunday and Father’s day being over a full month away, the Apple store has a large banner up suggesting that we start shopping for Dad.

Sure they mention “Dads� AND “Grads�, but even the grads are boys (we all know “Danny� is a boy, and Danni� is a girl).

So, is Apple implying iPods are for boys, and moms would do better with iBlenders and iRons? It certainly seems that way.

C’mon Apple, women can even vote now!

3 Responses to “Apple’s sexist marketing campaign”
  1. Michelle says:

    Wow. That’s hilarious. Though, my mom wouldn’t want an ipod. My stepmother would get one just to play 5 songs over and over again until you puke. My dad needs one (his daily commute takes him outside of FM radio range), but he’ll never get one.

  2. Susan B. Anthony says:



  3. Derek says:

    Susan B. Anthony! 🙂

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