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Apple adds NBC News Programs to iTunes (sort of…)

Posted by Lab Rat

Are you feeling the current offerings on iTunes are not informative enough despite the new Discovery Channel additions? Well, you’re in luck. Apple has added a bunch of NBC News programs to iTunes. Shows include: NBC News Specials (Brian Williams special reports), NBC News Time Capsule ( A news retrospective), Tom Brokaw Reports (specials giving us his :insightful coverageâ€? of important topics), Meet The Presidents (Meet The Press staff interviewing top government officials), CNBC Specials (financial and global economic issues).

Additionally, there are some less “newsy�, more sensational offerings, such as Dateline: Crime & Punishment (Covering the world of serial killers), Caught On Tape (MSNBC looks at tattoo freaks, exorcists and more), and Lockup (a look at life behind bars).

I’m not sure whether Apple released these yesterday (as part of a usual Tuesday release) or if these are up prematurely, and meant for a NEXT Tuesday launch. At the time of this post, all the shows contain 0 episodes (with the exception of CNBC Specials which has 4 episodes of Mad Money), but you can still buy all of the series for $7.99 to $14.99 if you have faith that Apple will actually post episodes.

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  1. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Well, there’s a link now on the main iTunes page, btu it seems premature to launch titles without actual content…
    I wonder what the idea here is. Why the rush? No one was askign for this, I would wager…Why not wait until you have something to put up there?

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