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Nike/Apple unveil Nike+iPod Sport Kit

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Well, it looks like our exclusive predictions of the Nike/Apple partnership did indeed come true.

Hooray for us. We finally got one right.

And we weren’t even that far off when we jokingly suggested a new shoe that changes songs on each step might be in the works. Apparently all the to-do was about a new Nike+iPod Sport Kit which is designed to transmit information about your running workout (such as distance, time, calories burned, etc.) from the sneakers to your iPod nano. The information is displayed on the nano’s screen AND real-time audible feedback also is provided through headphones. So at least the announcement was more than just a new nano armband (by the way, there’s a new nano armband too).

There is no word yet on exactly how the information is transmitted from the sneakers to the iPod, but Bluetooth would be a good guess. Since Bluetooth is not yet built into the nano (as far as we know) the sport kit likely contains some sort of adapter that connects to the nano as well as the shoe.

The sport kit (available this July) costs $29, which isn’t so bad, but requires a nano and a Nike+ shoe ($100). Our report that the newly registered domain was somehow connected with the announcement also turned out to be legit, as that is the new slogan for Nike’s ad campaign.

Of special note here is that this “technology� seems to work only with the nano, not regular sized iPods. The fact that the nano is now being presented as the “work out� iPod likely means rumors of the iPod shuffle’s impending demise may prove true.

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  1. Phil McKraken says:

    Hooray! Just what I didn’t need!

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