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RUMOR: Apple/Nike “Mystery Product” this Thursday?

Posted by Helper Monkey

We have received a report that a possible Apple/Nike partnership is in the works on a mystery product, and could be unveiled as early as this Thursday.

From an anonymous submission:

“i work in the footwear industry, and a little birdie told me to expect
some nike/apple news very soon, i would guess at the thursday thing.
i’d heard about a year ago that they were pairing, based on info from
adidas contacts who had approached apple only to learn that they were
in cahoots with nike (having ended their philips partnership). i’ve
heard more recently thru contacts at nike that something big is coming

While we have no idea if this information will yield anything, we believe the source itself believes this info to be true, and is legitimately placed in the industry. The question here is whether “soon� translates to Thursday�.

We have thus far been unimpressed with Apple’s clothing-related iPod integration, and can only assume this would be something of that nature. So someone at Nike saying this is “big� could be nothing more than a new iPod shuffle jogging case, which is nothing major. However, it COULD mean a new iPod shuffle jogging case for a NEW iPod shuffle, which WOULD be major.

Or a shoe that changes songs with each step.
Who knows?

I guess we’ll see in 5 days!

2 Responses to “RUMOR: Apple/Nike “Mystery Product” this Thursday?”
  1. Agent Cody Banks says:

    Yeah, I don’t know why anyone bothers making wearable iPod accessories.

    Has anyone sold any?

    What about the burton iPod ski jacket?


    So lame

  2. Oregon_Runner says:

    If anyone finds this interesting, do a whois domain search for the website and you’ll see a recently registered website to NIKE.

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