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UPDATE: Benchmarks on the over-clocked 3.8GHz Core Duo

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Many people have asked about seeing some real world benchmarks on the over-clocked 2.16 GHz Intel Core Duo chip we reported on earlier. Well, the first set has arrived.

Apparently this system has earned a score of 20,797 in the 3DMark test. The current world record is around 16,363. These are scores earned by PCs, so I am not sure how they translate to Macs, nor do I know how the systems are configured outside of the former world record holder was running a 7800 GTX 256mb SLI graphics card.

The 20,797 was achieved using the Phase change cooler. An air-cooled record of 20,245 was also set.

Of note, a picture of this system has also been posted, and it is most UN-Maclike. Perhaps it will be awhile before we see chips this hot in a PowerMac after all.

Thanks again to Macenstein reader rico.

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