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2 Classic Arcade Games Now Available for the Mac (free!)

Posted by Lab Rat

Fans of the old-school arcade games Asteroids and Tetris now have reason to celebrate. Two new updates on the classic games are now available for the Mac as free downloads.

The first is Quinn by Simon Hartel, a Tetris remake faithful to the original, yet incorporating some of the latest Apple technology, such as support for Bon Jour network play. (There’s also a nice little “bouncy� animation when the pieces drop). There are a variety of backgrounds and skins available for download as well, or you can make your own.

Next up is AsteroidsQC by Quartz Compositions, a beautifully rendered version of the 80’s (70’s?) arcade classic. Featuring 3D modeled asteroids, the game play is still strictly 2D, true to the original. For some reason there seems to be no sound in Asteroids QC, but since I am playing at work right now, maybe that’s a good thing.

Both games are incredible timewasters. I would suggest picking up both these free gaming gems before their makers wise up and start charging for them!

3 Responses to “2 Classic Arcade Games Now Available for the Mac (free!)”
  1. IsItMe says:

    Cool! Thank you for the links =)

  2. Dexter and Vikki Niskanen says:

    I can’t get this thing to start, just an empty solar system?

  3. Dexter and Vikki Niskanen says:

    Asteroids QC has stopped working on my MAC. It opens to the background, but the game will not start.
    What’s happened?

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