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Adobe previews CS3 for Intel Macs

Posted by Helper Monkey

Yesterday Adobe’s InDesign product manager Chad Siegel demoed the latest version of some CS3 apps to Macworld UK. While no specific new features are described, there is mention of some new “powerful image import and editing featuresâ€? in the upcoming release of Photoshop.

Those hoping this news means a new Universal Binary version of the Adobe Creative Suite is just around the corner are advised to not hold their breath, however. While the demo WAS done on a new Macbook Pro, the laptop crashed during the demo, and Macworld says they got the impression there is still much work to do.

Still, it IS encouraging to see that Adobe has progressed far enough along in the development cycle for CS3 that they are already willing to show it in public. Perhaps we WILL see a new release before the rumored Q1 of 2007 after all.

[EDIT]: Macworld has revised their article to say that the new features showcased were in fact ONLY InDesign, not the new Photoshop.

6 Responses to “Adobe previews CS3 for Intel Macs”
  1. gabriel says:

    what makes you say that perhaps we will see an earlyer release? they showing a demo? Dont count on it it will probably be LATE. Its just a humonguous task.

  2. MR. MXYZPTLK says:

    I know Adobe likes to release all their apps in one big CS studio package nowawaday, but I really wish, at least for this Intel release, they would start selling each app as it becomes ready, and not hold up ALL the releases untilthey finishing tweaking whatever the last one is.
    They should have 70% of their team workingon Photoshop, get that out there, and then get the other apps out.

  3. MR. MXYZPTLK says:

    I read Adobe cited customers holding out to buy the next Intel CS3 Studio as a reason for poor profits this quarter. I would think they realize it benefits their bottom line to get out the new Intel suite of apps ASAP.

    It’s not like they haven’t ever rushed out a product before it was ready… (after Effects 7…PhotoShop 7….)

  4. womoma says:

    What do we want?

    When do we want it?

    What else do we want?
    Someone to crack it pronto.

  5. Rumble says:

    [EDIT]: Macworld has revised their article to say that the new features showcased were in fact ONLY InDesign, not the new Photoshop.

    That sucks, although the article says they demoed CS3, so probably all apps were shown in some form. they say you gotta read their print article for more details though. Still, it might mean it is moving along nicely. (hopefully)

  6. smedly says:

    CS 3 is old news. I’m ready to start discussing rumors of CS 4.

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