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Apple posts Spider-Man 3 trailer

Posted by Helper Monkey

Apple has posted a trailer for Spider-Man 3 on its QuickTime site, and we are happy to say, it is more than just a lame teaser trailer. In it, we get to see Spider-Man as Venom, a brief Sandman cameo, and enough action to almost make us wish it was Spidey and not the Man of Steel we were going to be seeing this weekend. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until May 2007. (HD versions also available)

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5 Responses to “Apple posts Spider-Man 3 trailer”
  1. kiwann says:

    Dear spiderman(mr peter parker)
    i am your biggest fan in the world. My name is kiwann jones and i live in chester pa with my mom and dad and my sister and my2 older brothers and i buy everything that youever came out with and i love you please do a movie in Pa so i can come wacth and make it near my 9 birthday party

  2. alex says:

    dude or kiwann you suck balls but spiderman rules

  3. sjors says:

    Alex shut up that Kiwann is 9 years old for god sake not 33.

  4. tahlil says:

    hi mr. peter parker I am on of your biggest fan in the hole world I wish I could meet u. I watched all your movies exaped th 3 one I will watch it.

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