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Apple slashes Canadian iPod prices

Posted by Helper Monkey

We have received reports from several readers that Apple has lowered the price of the 30GB and 60GB video iPods in its Canadian online store. The 30GB dropped $30 to land at $349, and the 60GB shaved a whopping $40 off its price tag, and is now listed at $459. To be honest, we weren’t sure WHAT the iPods were selling for in Canada, so we turned to Google’s webpage cache, which verified the story (see below).

LEFT: This shot of Apple’s Canadian store (taken via Google’s cache) shows Apple has dropped the price of its 30GB and 60GB iPods by $30 and $40 respectively. (RIGHT) Current iPod prices at the Canadian store.

Prices for other models seem unchanged. A similar price drop does not seem to have made its way to the US Apple store as of yet.

12 Responses to “Apple slashes Canadian iPod prices”
  1. Franco says:

    Hmm… Using the unit conversion widget the new Canadian prices come out about $16 higher than current US prices. Maybe they never lowered their prices back months ago when Apple lowered the US iPod prices, and this is just them playing catch-up?
    I would love to see further US price drops, but I doubt it.
    Does Canada have that iPod tax I heard them talking about years ago?
    Maybe that is the extra $16?

  2. MCT says:

    This is just keeping up with the strong Canadian (or weak US) dollar. However, like the previous post mentioned, Canadian prices are still higher than comparable US prices.

  3. Ryan says:

    MCT is right. Prices are corrected here and there to compensate for the dollar. They are often corrected when updates to products are made but I guess it has been a while for the iPod so they are trying to spur some sales.

  4. Izod says:

    The iPod levy (iPod tax) was around for a while, but was repealed last year. I even got a rebate check from Apple for the iPod I purchased that had the levy!

    So no more iPod tax (in Canada anyway)!


  5. Ken says:

    You may not have an iPod tax but your PST and GST taxes make up for it quite nicely.


  6. mattvideo says:

    Right you are, Ken. Our PST and GST do add up to a significant amount. As does our free health care, safe streets, lack of random gun deaths. and everything else that makes Canada different from the United States. But way to go taking just the one negative aspect you happen to feel strongly about and making it the subject of your post. Fuck off, douchebag.

  7. Way Cool Jr. says:

    Yeah, I would have focused more on the funny way they say “Aboot” instead of “about”.

    that always kills me.

  8. donco says:

    Way Cool Jr.

    Been to Arkansas lately? or NJ, Mass, Texas, any part of the south for that matter????

    Now that is funny stuff!

  9. Way Cool Jr. says:

    hey I’m from new jersey!
    only about 15 % of us talk like NEW JOYSEY.
    And yes, the whole south is funny.

  10. donco says:

    And I am from Canada and have never heard anyone say “aboot”… must be an East Coast thing.

    Back on topic… this issue is all to do with the US dollar tanking on the world market. Our buck has gone from about 66 cents US to over 90 in the past year or so.

  11. Rob says:

    Mattvideo could have been a little less aggressive in his response to Ken. I enjoy the society(Canada) in which I live and I am happy to pay for it through my taxes. Not everyone agrees, and that’s their choice.

    As for iPod prices it is mainly the CDN dollar’s rise vs the US$. Interesting to note that a couple years back car prices were lower in Canada after the difference in currency value was taken into considration, and now the prices in Canada, Honda specifically, are higher.

  12. Way Cool Jr. says:

    It’s ABOOOOT time your dollar started climbing. Or is it just staying the same, and we are falling? Either way…
    USA! USA! USA!

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