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Flip4Mac Universal binary beta released

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

If you were lucky/brave enough to sign up for the Flip4Mac beta program, you have likely already received your e-mail regarding the release of the universal binary beta of the popular Windows-Media-playing QuickTime plug-in. We installed it about 2 hours ago on our mini, and are happy to say it performs great (well, in Safari that is. Firefox, not so much…CRASH!). Straight (non-browser) QuickTime playback works great.

Overall, for version 1 of a beta, this thing is quite impressive (if a few months overdue). Hopefully after a couple quick tweaks, we will see an official release in the very near future.

3 Responses to “Flip4Mac Universal binary beta released”
  1. st.clement says:

    Pour le plaisir !

  2. GLENN says:

    hi there; how can i get a link to the download for the universal binay for FLIP4MAC video. thank you GLENN

  3. François says:


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