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Microsoft demos Windows Vista on a MacBook Pro?

Posted by Helper Monkey

We know that NOTIHNG, and we do mean NOTHING legitimate has EVER come from a Flickr posting…BUT…

There are a couple interesting shots of what claim show a Microsoft Belgium rep demoing Windows Vista and Office 2007 on a MacBook Pro. The shots were allegedly taken this month at Microsoft HQ in Diegem during a presentation for some bloggers.

Well, that IS a MacBook back there…(Photos © Pieter Baert)

Unlike MOST Flickr posts, however, these seem to be somewhat more legitimate in that the author seems to be an actual photographer with other legitimate photos on his resume who could have possibly been hired to document the event (although he DOES have 2 personal pics of a MacBook being unpacked…).

Of course this being Flcikr, we still have issues. Mainly, there is nothing about the photos that shows Vista or Office actually running on the MacBook. There is no actual sign this is a Microsoft event. No sign it is in Germany. All we really see are 2 guys doing the standard “karate chop� hand motions that imply they are making speaking points in front of a MacBook Pro. There ARE however a bunch of nice shots of the Lobster lunch the attendees apparently were served. Thanks to faithful Macenstein reader Billy B. for the heads up.

[UPDATE:] A supposed first hand account of the presentation can be viewed here, lending credibility (and more pics) to the report.

8 Responses to “Microsoft demos Windows Vista on a MacBook Pro?”
  1. gwbaker says:

    You mention that “a Microsoft Belgium rep” demoed the app. You mention that the location was Diegem. Diegem is in Belgium. You say: “No sign it is in Germany.” It isn’t. Belgium is NOT Germany. Just as England is not France.

  2. England is not France? uh oh…

    Ha ha ha, well, our idiocy is proven once again. We sort of took Billy B.’s word on this, and since the photographer’s web site was .de which IS Germany (at least we think it is…) we didn’t pay much attention. Thanks gwbaker.

  3. Did I mention dyslexia is a very sirius disorder affecting millions of Americans, and 90% of our staff?


  4. CraHan says:

    They actually had a few different laptops including a Macbook Pro in the adjoining room to demo Vista on. But yes, the main demo was done on a Macbook Pro (albeit with an external mouse to get right click functionality 😛 ).

  5. Pietel says:

    Hey, I am a web content manager an photographer. For my private business I use Apple. (Ibook G4, 14″, 1 year old). At work I am forced to use PC and windows xp.

    The MacBook Pro on my photosite is from Pieter Jelle (higher in these comments) I don’t have the savings to buy it myself.

    The presentation was done in Diegem (near Brussels) in belgium by Microsoft for a group of bloggers. They previously had a similar meeting with Phil Holden as a guest. The funny thing is that they invited mac adepts both times.

    The presentation was done on the MacBook Pro. We had the ability to test it later on as wel as vista on PC. The Mac didn’t had Office 2007 installed.

    The did lost one charachter one the Apple’s keyboard already. Shame on them!

  6. Arlindo says:

    We did not only used the mouse because of right click functionality but also because with the the touchpad when we tried to click (we had to use the buttons) with it it didnt’ work so it was easier to use an external mouse.

  7. Jhon says:

    im a gay and i know that england is france

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