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Is Apple producing a horror movie?

Recently there has been much buzz about Apple having a bit of trouble getting the big movie studios to agree to release their masterpieces on the iTunes store, at least at a reasonable price. Well, it looks like Apple might be attempting to just bypass the whole Hollywood system altogether and start making its own feature films for the iTMS.

A casting call post on the IMDBPro Boards (subscription required) describes a new horror movie called “HOT BABY�? set to begin filming this August in the New Jersey/NYC area, and lists Apple Computers as the co-producer.

From the post:
Casting august shoot for Horror Film, Hot Baby. Ultra Low Budget (Union/Non-Union) Top 50 at Slamdance script competition (out of 3000 scripts). Coproduction with Apple computer co., their first.

Must be NYC-metro based. If you already responded to Jroening before, no need to resubmit. We have your response.

The posting goes on to describe the tasty rolls for any would-be Brangelinas and Vaughnistons out there.

Casting the following parts:

HOT BABY Cast of Characters

  • Dr. Seymour Sid Dupree. Sleazy doctor. 50ish. 58 medium build. Balding.
  • (Mrs.) Kay (Cavanaugh) Typical house frau mom. 56 conservative bob haircut. Slender build. She takes good care of herself.
  • 2 Young Toughs (Extras) Two pseudo greaser types. Powerful, dangerous.
  • Dolores Cordoba old.Mexican. About 50, hammered out whore. 56 or under. Slight to medium build. Curly black hair.
  • Dolores Cordoba young. About 30. Slight frame.
  • Petey, age 6. Tall for his age. Skinny is the key. Very lankey. Straight dark hair.
  • Jim, gawky late adolescent. 58 Thin and geeky. Short to shoulder length hair.
  • Young Jim. 6 years old. All American boy.
  • Young Dennis. 7 years old. Dark hair. Less attractive
  • Doreen, his girlfriend. Modestly goodlooking. 54 to 58. Athletic build. Potentially bitchy looking.
  • Tex, his father. A large man, at least 6. Menacing.
  • Mr. Oliver, older balding neighbor. Around 58. Could have a paunch. Gentle looking.
  • Bobby, Jims jock friend. Strong featured athletic, all American looking kid. 510 and up. Short brown or dark hair.
  • Nurse. Medium build. (we never see above her breast line, think waitress in first scene in Pulp fiction)
  • Officer Milton (edited out of script)
  • Pearl, portly, 50s woman. Churchy looking, conservative.
  • Jen. Athletic tom-boy. Natural charm. Charisma. 56. Dirty blond. Great smile.
  • Gary. Wanna be. Follower. Lacking Bobbys strong features. Brawny. Medium build, slightly over athletic. 58 to 510.
  • Steph. Crunchy hippy girl. Long curly hair. Attractive but natural. Slightly busty. 54 and up. A little doe-eyed.
  • Woman in Super 8mm movie (cut)
  • Dennis, his brother. Hard featured gun-ho military man. Jarhead hair cut. 510. Strong build.
  • Gas Station Kid, 10-12 freckles. No braces. Bad teeth a plus. Thin and tough.
  • Jesus (Leatherface/Jason/Michael Myers character) a large but obviously powerful man. Thick neck. 6. Big arms. Not a pantywaist.
  • Petey Cordoba. Tall and wire thin. 6 and up. Long drawn out face. (he suffers from Marfan syndrome)
  • 3 Cops. Two tall and one short. They must look smart confident and authentic. Powerful.
  • Now, we’re not all that in tune with the Hollywood scene, and granted this may indeed be the way low-budget movies are cast these days, but this picture certainly seems like an odd choice for Apple to use as its springboard into the movie studio roll.

    First of all, a horror movie. While these are certainly all the rage these days with the kids, and one of the easier genres to make your money back in if you are competent enough to light the thing, having the star of your movie be a killer named Jesus just seems like a bad move. Sure, this project could still be in the early stages (although with an August shoot date it can’t be all THAT early…) and character names can change, but still, that Jesus thing is just asking for trouble. Also, the casting call lists rolls for parts it claims are cut from the picture. Not sure what to make of that. And finally, we could find no mention of HOT BABY on the Slamdance website. So take this rumor for what it’s worth.

    While there’s always the chance this is just some guy making a movie on Final Cut and therefore claiming “Apple�? is co-producing it with him, the timing makes sense if Apple IS ever going to start producing movies. And the good news is (as of this posting) the only roll anyone has so far shown interest in is the roll of one of the Cops, so if you are a “Crunchy hippy girl�?, a 50-year old “hammered out whore�?, or a “powerful man who is not a pantywaist�? and you want a chance to get noticed by his royal Steveness, this is your chance.

    For what it’s worth I decided to contact the IMDB poster directly as to whether or not it was indeed Apple Computer, makers of the iPod, he was talking about filling the producer roll, and was told “…yes, its apple.�? Bad grammar and capitalization issues aside (not that we have much room to talk), this rumor could prove to be something after all. Stay tuned!

    [UPDATE2:] The poster has pulled his casting call notice for HOT BABY, probably because Apple got wind of it and he was not actually affiliated with them.

    11 Responses to “Is Apple producing a horror movie?”
    1. MR. MXYZPTLK says:

      I don’t know, it could be a good idea. And we don’t really know anything about the plot here. From the character names, it seems kind of latino-based, so “JESUS” is probably pronounced “HEY-SUS”, so it isn’t really a stab at US catholics.

      Steve Jobs coiuld play Mr. Oliver to cut costs.


    2. me says:

      Lets remind each other that Jesus is not just a Catholic religious figure.

    3. Freddy says:


      Right you are, but the Catholics are the most easily riled up.
      I am wondering about the title, HOT BABY. That doesn’t sound scary, it sounds more like a Jessica Alba movie (and a good one at that!)

    4. MR. MXYZPTLK says:

      I wonder if “Gas Station Kid” will do a kung-fu kick and scream “PAAANCAAAKES!!!”

      that would be awesome.

    5. Mr. Pickles says:


      “Hot Baby” is an amazing film and is sure to be a wonderful investment for Apple..just wait and see.

    6. Anonymous says:

      I worked on Hot Baby for a few days. Basically, Apple is taking care of the entire post-production process, including editing and sound mixing. Hot Baby will be on of the first films available to download on Itunes. The director works at Apple which is why the deal was set up.

    7. Way Cool Jr. says:

      Did you really work on it?
      It doesn’t sound like something Apple would want to be associated with, I am sure it will offend SOME group out there. A horro movie with religious overtones? Did it seem like it would be any good?

    8. lowkeyelv says:

      Listen to mr. pickles. He knows what he’s talking ’bout.

    9. Mr. Pickles says:


      There are no religious overtones….”Jesus” is actually pronounced “Hey-sus.” It will make sense when you see the movie…due out over the holidays. I personally think it will garner quite the cult following. Keep your eyes peeled.

    10. yen says:

      I was an extra in one scene, the movie seemed very low-key and kitchsy. I think its going to be fun!

    11. Chuckie T says:


      Chill out everyone and give the guys a chance…and the benefit of the doubt.

      If they say Apple is involved, then they must be. You can’t just go around saying stuff like that thesedays, cos someone will sue you !

      So, be patient. When it comes out, you’ll be able to see for yourself. And download!


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