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Now you can run Windows Apps on a Mac without Buying Windows

Posted by Helper Monkey

CodeWeavers has announced that in a mere matter of weeks, they will release CrossOver Mac, the new OS X version of their “Windows-application-running� software for Linux.

Unlike other solutions such as Apple’s Boot Camp (which as the name implies, requires a re-boot at this point to run) and Parallels Desktop (which runs a copy of Windows in a virtualization layer in Mac OS X, thus costing precious CPU cycles) CrossOver is able to run individual Windows Applications at full speed without the need for buying a copy of Windows. This can conceivably save customers hundreds of dollars over Apple’s and Parallel’s solutions. In addition, there is little need for concern over Windows-based viruses with CodeWeavers’ solution, as users are not technically running Windows, just the applications.

CrossOver Mac will, however, likely be the least universally compatible solution for the majority of Windows software (at least at first) as each individual application needs to be tweaked by the company in order to gain optimal performance. Boot Camp is by far the best solution if you wish to gain full access to your existing library of Windows XP software titles, especially games.

CodeWeavers borrows technology from the open source WINE project to achieve its rather remarkable feet. To date, the primary focus of CrossOver has been to get Windows productivity software such as Office, Access, and Lotus Notes to run at native speeds, sans Windows. However CodeWeavers’ Jon Parshall says the focus will likely turn to games in the future, as a large number of PC gamers have eschewed the Mac for its lack of titles. Parshall claims games such as Half-Life 2 and Frey run very well already under CrossOver Mac. Currently, Parallels Desktop does not have many of the graphics drivers needed to run high-end 3D games, leaving Apple’s free Boot Camp software the only viable alternative for gamers at this point.

CrossOver Mac is slated to launch at the end of July or early August, and cost $60.

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