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Flip4Mac 2.1 Universal binary released

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

Telestream has released an update to their Flip4Mac Windows Media playback software, finally adding support for Intel Macs. Flip4Mac runs as a plug-in to QuickTime, and allows for the seamless playback of Windows Media audio and video via Apple’s QuickTime player.

In addition to adding Intel support, the update also brings “significantly faster Windows Media encoding for PowerPC Mac users� according to the press release. Additional new features in Flip4Mac WMV v2.1 include: multi-language audio support in the WMV player; overlay when importing Windows Media content in trial mode; support for Web authors to disable save as feature in embedded streams and improved support for MMS servers and live streams.

Also available as a Universal app is Flip4Mac’s authoring suite, “Flip4Mac WMV�. Flip4Mac WMV allows users to play, import and export Windows Media® files using QuickTime-based applications. PowerPC users will see encode speeds four to six times faster with version 2.1. Flip4Mac WMV costs between $29-$179, depending on the feature set.

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