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Free on iTunes: Pilot Episode of “Who Wants To Be A Superhero”, and Free Episode of “30Daysâ€?

Posted by Helper Monkey

Two new “freebie videos” hit the iTunes store today, and as always, we suggest you pick these up before their “free” status is revoked!

First up is the pilot episode for “Who Wants to be a Superhero?� from the Sci-Fi Channel. The series is the realty-show brainchild of Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee, and is absolutely hilarious, if I may be so bold. The show’s premise is that 11 average (and I use the term loosely) people will compete to create their own super hero alter-ego (complete with costume and super powers), and the winner (picked by Stan Lee himself) will be immortalized in comic book form and an original Sci-Fi Channel movie. The lucky 11 heroes (Major Victory, The Iron Enforcer, Lemuria, Creature, Monkey Woman, Nitro G., Fat Momma, Levity, Feedback, Cell Phone Girl, and TyVeculus) will live together in a secret lair, and compete with each other in various “super hero�-related activities, such as “Find a place in a public park to quickly and discreetly change from the alter egos into their superhero costumes.� Get it now!

Next up is the first episode from Season 2 of 30 Days, the FX show that follows Morgan Spurlock (from the film Supersize Me) and friends as they conduct various “social experimentsâ€? and attempt to tackle various complex topics through living as the other half does. In this episode :â€? Frank George is a member of the Minutemen, a citizen’s volunteer group that patrols the country’s borders. Like all Minutemen, Frank holds staunch anti-illegal immigration views, as he and his family legally immigrated from Cuba to Miami when Frank was 7 years old. He will live with a Mexican family of mixed status in a one bedroom apartment in Los Angeles, and will work side by side with the father as a handyman.â€? This episode also comes with a 10 minute free behind the scenes featurette. Download both here.

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