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Is Apple adding a 15-inch MacBook to the lineup?

Posted by Dr. Macenstein

According to DigiTimes, sales of Apple Computer’s Intel Core Duo-based MacBook laptops have been stronger than expected. So much stronger, in fact, that the company is allegedly considering adding a 15.4-inch model to the MacBook lineup to meet demand. Currently, Apple is asking its Taiwanese supplier for 20,000 more MacBooks per month than it originally anitcipated (120,000 vs 100,000).

A source told Digitimes, “Shipments will continue to increase in the second half as Apple’s competitive pricing for MacBooks will continue to stimulate demand. For all of 2006, Apple may deliver two million iBook and MacBook laptops in addition to one million MacBook Pro notebooks, the sources estimated. If realized, Apple’s notebook sales in 2006 would represent a 39% increase from the 2.16 million units shipped in 2005 as estimated by IDC (International Data Corporation)“.

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